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I've been meaning to do this for a while now. That is, create an archive of any and all music projects I've been involved with and the recordings from those projects. I figured since I finally have a real website that this would be a great time to start. This page will be a work in progress for some time, and I will upload recordings and post links as I find them. Keep in mind this is an archive, so I'm going to put any audio I can find on here. Studio, Live, Good, Bad... Granted, I won't be posting any studio recordings from the projects that are still in existence. This will mainly be for the projects which are no longer in existence, although some current live shows might appear here. I will try and give a rating as per recording quality for each item.

Here's the list. Hopefully recordings of all projects will soon follow...


Spacklebury (2001-2003?)

ALBUM>>Studio Recording>>Sleeping With Prince Valium *5/5

1. Psychadelia Deets

2. Mummify It

3. Attack of the Baby Leg

4. Give it a Kiss

5. Backdoor Beauty

6. Beer Mikalitis

ALBUM>>Live Recording>>Live @ Ottos, Dekalb IL *4/5

1. Firecracker Bitch

2. Darling Nikki


Spacklebury Myspace Page


North Polio (2004-2005?)

ALBUM>>Basement Recordings>>Circa 2005? *2.5/5

1. North Polio Go!

2. Whistle!

3. Number One Groove

4. Blast Beat Betty


North Polio Myspace Page


Loose Stool (2002-?)

Loose Stool Myspace Page


Landeau (2006-?)

Mixtape # 2


Landeau Myspace Page


Strongshark (2006?)

Pilgrims of the Age of Fire(2005?)

Silent Shape (2007-?)


Ulysses S. Grant (2007-?)

Live: 10.31.08 @ Rendevu, Batavia IL  *3/5

Live: 10.22.08 @ the Elbo Room, Chicago IL  *3/5


USG Myspace Page


The Heligoats (2009 - ?)

Goodness Gracious - Available now on Greyday Records