The Griswolds: 6.25.15 GigPoster

This past summer we worked with Lincoln Hall in Chicago and the Australian pop-rock band, The Griswolds to produce this gig-poster for the 6.25.15 show on their ‘Excellent Adventure’ tour. Drawing direction from the Griswold’s song, ‘Beware the Dog,’ we created the character-based design which borrows inspiration from the song's narrative involving a friend of the band who had gone out of her mind on various substances. 

The limited edition of 55 was hand-printed on 100 lb. French-Recycled-White paper at our in-house studio and released on 6.25.15 at the Lincoln Hall — Griswolds Show. The edition included two different color-ways: The Black & Blue-Violet option seen here, as well as a Black & Army-Green option.


Mr. Show 'Druggachusettes' Screen Print

One of our favorite TV shows of all time is the Bob Odenkirk & David Cross lead, late 90's sketch comedy venture, Mr. Show. So when we heard the crew was getting back together for the Netflix reunion, With Bob and David, we decided to create this limited edition 2-color screenprint, paying homage to one of the unforgettable sketches from the original series  the hilariously titled, 'Druggachusettes.' The print features Jonesy, Billy, Gurgles, and Professor Ellis D. Trails as they sort out a minor dilemma. 

The limited edition 2-Color print measures 18" x 24" and was hand printed on 100 lb.  French recycled-white paper at our in-house studio using water-based inks. The 1st release was an edition of 10, with 2 different color-way options: 5 - Aqua / Black and 5 - Orange / Black.


The Nov. 2015 Playlist: Latin Jazz

The Nov. 2015 playlist features a number of Latin Jazz artists that we've been digging on lately. Not any sort of definitive list  Just some jams we've been getting into. We're big world-music fans, and are constantly searching for sounds outside the conventional realm. This often leads us to get hooked on artists & scenes from the past that we previously had very little knowledge of. While there may not be an over abundance of great new artists emerging from the contemporary scene, there are countless incredible forgotten recordings from the past that are just waiting to be rediscovered.

And that's very much been the case for us with Latin Jazz. We've fallen down the proverbial rabbit hole, and have been exploring a great deal of Latin / Afro Cuban music over the last year or so. The artists included on this list are: Cal Tjader, Chico O'farrell, Eddie Palmieri, Lucho Bermudez, Martin Denny, Noro Morales, Perez Prado, Poncho Sanchez, and Tito Puente. We hope you enjoy the selection. And as always, if you have any suggestions based on what you've seen here, please feel free to leave a comment.

*Cover art features a photo of Humberto López Morales performing at Glen Island Casino in New York, N.Y. Circa, July 1947.  

To Listen to the playlist, you'll need a Spotify account. If you already have an account, you can either follow this link & login to launch the spotify web player — Or if you have the Spotify app installed on your device, you can use the spotify player in this post to launch the playlist in the app. 

The Sept. 2015 Playlist: Hip-Hop

Our new monthly playlist is a random mix-tape featuring a variety of Hip-Hop tracks & artists that we dig. While we do enjoy a good deal of contemporary hip-hop we're definitely more partial to the rhythm & flows of the golden age. As drummers ourselves who grew up in the 80s/90s, we were greatly influenced by the golden age's more natural feeling bounce and use of samples that provided a pocket, swing, and desirable grit which many modern producers seem to often overlook. That being said, we do love a solid straight drum machine groove and appreciate a great deal of synth-driven electronic music across many different genres.  

At any rate, like we said this is just a mix of tracks we quickly threw together not suppose to be any sort of definitive list by any means. But If you're in the mood for some hip-hop and are curious about what we dig, have a listen. If you have any recommendations based on this list, we'd love to hear them. 
Big up, 

One Note! // A good portion of these tracks feature fairly explicit language, so you may want to adjust the volume depending on your surroundings & situation. Enjoy! 

To Listen to the playlist, you'll need a Spotify account. If you already have an account, you can either follow this link & login to launch the spotify web player — Or if you have the Spotify app installed on your device, you can use the player below to launch the playlist in the app. 

Isthmus Annual Manual: Cover Art And Feature Illustrations

We recently had the pleasure of working together with our good friends over at Madison WI’s Isthmus on their ‘Annual Manual’ — a comprehensive guide to Madison Wisconsin which is distributed once a year with every copy of Isthmus. Isthmus is an alternative weekly Newspaper distributed in Madison WI, with a circulation just shy of 44,000. Working under the direction of Isthmus’s art department, we created this fun cover art as well as a number of illustrations & maps used in the feature article.

The Cover illustration is inspired by an article on 'Must Have Items' for residents of Madison. The maps & spot-illustrations were used in a feature article about several possible tours or 'crawls' that one can take around Madison, including a pub-crawl, nature-crawl, history-crawl, and art-crawl.

Having only traveled to Madison on a few occasions in the past, our unfamiliarity with the city created a bit of a challenge when it came to designing the maps and the visual representation of the landmarks within these maps. But combined with a great deal of research (and a bit of help from google street view) we were able to provide some unique and fitting depictions. In some cases the lack of information available on a given landmark provided an opportunity for us to take some liberties and explore more creative solutions which worked together quite nicely along with the architectural icons. 

'Summer Sausage' Comic Preview

An on-going side-project of ours has been the writing and illustration of a multi-part comic book under the working title of 'Summer Sausage.' The story takes place around the late '90s / early '00s and is based around a small group of friends who investigate a menacing presence that haunts their charming college-town one fateful summer. We're currently in the process of finishing up the artwork for issue #2 & are hoping for a release of the first two issues in the spring of 2016, so stay tuned for updates. In the meantime, you can have a look at these sneak preview pages of a recently completed issue #2 spread. You can click on the images for a larger view. 

The July 2015 Playlist: Surf Rock

For many, when the genre 'Surf Rock' is mentioned, Dick Dale is the artist who first comes to mind. And rightly so... The guy has been doing it since the late '50s, and is still absolutely shredding at his live shows despite being almost 80 years old. He's the King... The OG of surf rock. And while we love Dick Dale, we feel there's a great deal of surf rock artists who often get forgotten or overlooked.

With that in mind, we decided to throw together this playlist featuring some of our surf rock favorites that are often heard within the studio. We've included some old classics (including a couple lesser-known Dick Dale tracks), some deep-cuts, some more abstract 'world-surf-rock', as well as some modern projects like Messer Chups, Man or Astro-Man, & Secret Chiefs 3, who are progressing the genre beyond the standard paradigm. So turn up the volume, grab your board, and hit the waves with this fun playlist.


To Listen to the playlist, you'll need a Spotify account. If you already have an account, you can either follow this link & login to launch the spotify web player — Or if you have the Spotify app installed on your device, you can use the player below to launch the playlist in the app. 

July 2015 Track List:

-Messer Chups - Crocotiger
-Messer Chups - Insomnia of the Mummies 
-Messer Chups - Black Saddle
-Jack Nitszche - The Lonely Surfer
-April March - Tu Mens
-Dick Dale - Surf Buggy
-Dick Dale - Mr. Eliminator
-The Ventures - Perfidia
-The Surfaris - Moon Dawg
-Link Wray - Rumble
-Link Wray - Jack The Ripper
-Link Wray - Slinky
-The Tornadoes - Bustin' Surfboards
-The Tornadoes - The Inebriated Surfer
-Man Or Astro-Man? - Interstellar Hardrive
-Man Or Astro-Man? - Shockwave
-Ros Sereysyothea - Jam 10 Kai Theit
-Secret Chiefs 3 - Book T: Waves of Blood

Isthmus — Record Store Day Illustration: From Sketch To Final Art

This past April, we worked with the Madison based newspaper Isthmus, to create an illustration for an article which they ran on the topic of Record Store Day. As music lovers and musicians ourselves, we were stoked at the task of creating artwork about the annual celebration of vinyl. Taking inspiration from the written content and record-store-culture in general, we created a fun character-based illustration to accompany the article.

Below you can take a look at the initial concept sketch, the final line-work before coloring, and a couple simulated layout photos using the final artwork. As you can see, the characters changed slightly from the initial sketch, but the overall concept was pretty much the same. Taking into consideration the space we were working with, we decided to keep the illustrations somewhat simplistic & opted for rather minimal line-work. When it came to coloring, we really wanted the saturation to hold up on the newsprint, so a fairly bright palette was chosen.

You can read the full Isthmus article here. 

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