Isthmus — Record Store Day Illustration: From Sketch To Final Art

This past April, we worked with the Madison based newspaper Isthmus, to create an illustration for an article which they ran on the topic of Record Store Day. As music lovers and musicians ourselves, we were stoked at the task of creating artwork about the annual celebration of vinyl. Taking inspiration from the written content and record-store-culture in general, we created a fun character-based illustration to accompany the article.

Below you can take a look at the initial concept sketch, the final line-work before coloring, and a couple simulated layout photos using the final artwork. As you can see, the characters changed slightly from the initial sketch, but the overall concept was pretty much the same. Taking into consideration the space we were working with, we decided to keep the illustrations somewhat simplistic & opted for rather minimal line-work. When it came to coloring, we really wanted the saturation to hold up on the newsprint, so a fairly bright palette was chosen.

You can read the full Isthmus article here. 

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