Isthmus Annual Manual: Cover Art And Feature Illustrations

We recently had the pleasure of working together with our good friends over at Madison WI’s Isthmus on their ‘Annual Manual’ — a comprehensive guide to Madison Wisconsin which is distributed once a year with every copy of Isthmus. Isthmus is an alternative weekly Newspaper distributed in Madison WI, with a circulation just shy of 44,000. Working under the direction of Isthmus’s art department, we created this fun cover art as well as a number of illustrations & maps used in the feature article.

The Cover illustration is inspired by an article on 'Must Have Items' for residents of Madison. The maps & spot-illustrations were used in a feature article about several possible tours or 'crawls' that one can take around Madison, including a pub-crawl, nature-crawl, history-crawl, and art-crawl.

Having only traveled to Madison on a few occasions in the past, our unfamiliarity with the city created a bit of a challenge when it came to designing the maps and the visual representation of the landmarks within these maps. But combined with a great deal of research (and a bit of help from google street view) we were able to provide some unique and fitting depictions. In some cases the lack of information available on a given landmark provided an opportunity for us to take some liberties and explore more creative solutions which worked together quite nicely along with the architectural icons.